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Species Database

Which plants are nitrogen producers? What are the many functions of Comfrey? The Species Database allows you to search our list of plants (and later, animals, fungi and insects) for their particular contribution to your garden and to see which will do well where you live.

Resources Knowledgebase

The information that you need to know when building a sustainable way of life in your bioregion is gathered in this collection of the best books, articles and website links that we can find.

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Access to Permaculture Local is free for everyone. We want you to help spread this knowledge. Try things out and let us know what works where you live by adding Ratings for your bioregion. You can also contribute to this effort when you open an account and author or edit items in the databases. If you would like to support the development of Permaculture Local, please consider signing up for a Supporting Membership, or making a Donation. Thank you for your contribution to the project. Together, we can build something great!

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